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This is how it started…narrates Kara Lee: “Sometime back during the last Christmas in Minnesota, United States of  America, we had an engagement event with my hubby Richard Miller and committed ourselves that the wedding event must be done on the roof top of Africa and this is none other than Kilimanjaro Mountain”.
Thereafter, the duo started planning for this historic and unique event by raising money for their trip to Tanzania and in particular Kilimanjaro Mountain. They also informed their relatives about their plan to have their wedding on Mount Kilimanjaro of which they got the green light from them.
They arrived in the country last week and started their seven day Kilimanjaro expedition through Machame route on 20th September, 2014 and spend an overnight at Machame Hut waiting eagerly for their wedding on the following day.  Zara Tours Company based in Moshi, organized the Kilimanjaro climb.

Now here is the D-Day:
At Shira Cave where they arrived at around 12:00pm fr…


A 76 year old grandfather reached the summit of Kilimanjaro with his son and young grand-daughter, 57 years his junior.He revealed the secret of his success to Tanzania's leading businesswoman Zainab A. Ansell, who thought she'd seen it all.
When you're in the business of hosting thousands of travellers as they set off for the summit of one of the world's most famous mountains, you'd think you'd seen it all.Yet for Zainab A. Ansell, there's always something new and inspiring on the horizon.
On 6th September, Zainab, Tanzania's Businesswoman of the Year 2012, met a former North East UK Businessman of the Year, Bent Henriksen OBE (Hon.), as he began his first ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro.
The famous dormant volcano is Danish-born Bent's fifth peak in five years.He has already tackled Everest Base Camp, Mont Blanc, Mount Elbrus and Monte Rosa.An impressive achievement in its own right.It becomes even more impressive when you consider that he's 76 year…

Zara’s path to success in tourism business

The Global Report on Women in Tourism (GRWT) a joint  initiative with United Nations World Tourism Organizations (UNWTO) has recently marked a new era for tackling gender issues in the tourism sector.
It provides detailed statistical information on women’s role and status in the tourism industry, offering recommendations on how to improve the current situation. UNWTO and UN women believe that tourism can be a vehicle for promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment. Yet, much work needs to be done in order for this potential to be realized.
One of the Great Female entrepreneurs, Ms. Zainab Ansell who runs one of the biggest tourism companies in Tanzania called, Zara Tours Company (Zara Tanzanian Adventures) was among the three women who attended UNWTO event held in London, United Kingdom (UK) early November this year.
The event  featured, among other issues, tourism’s potential for promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment while at the …