Monday, March 27, 2017

Take your Company To Africa

Wildlife safaris in Tanzania and Kenya are something that Zara Tours takes great pride in specializing in. But what many people don’t realize is that while we’re happy to let individuals, couples and families enjoy the wonders of the African wilderness, we don’t just stop there. We also offer corporate tours for companies that want the ultimate African experience for their employees, and now, more than ever, we’re ready to serve your company needs.

A Company Safari
There are many different reasons you might want to consider a corporate tour. In some cases, a trip to Africa can be a well-earned reward for hardworking employees when you want to show them just how much you appreciate their efforts. Kenya and Tanzania safaris, in this case, aren’t just a great display of employer appreciation, these trips can also potentially provide a lifetime of memories and an experience that they just can’t get anywhere else. That’s a valuable gift that, for some, may exceed any financial reward.

On the other hand, there can be professional benefits to a corporate tour. Team building efforts and other professional development activities can often be more effective—and more fun—when employees are taken out of their comfort zone and familiar office environments.

Working together on team development against the backdrop of the African wilderness can often forge bonds and emphasize the importance of teamwork in a way that no seminar in an auditorium can. Experience is always one of the best teachers, and the African experience is one that is memorable, enjoyable and makes an impact.

Organize Your Trip Today
Obviously, a corporate tour is something that takes an immense amount of planning, so the earlier you start, the better. You need to determine exactly what you want to get out of a corporate tour, whether it’s purely as a reward to employees, or an important part of your professional development plans. Once you’ve got your goals clearly outlined, that’s where Zara Tours comes in.

We have extensive experience in organizing large scale, group tours, and we know what to do to ensure a smooth traveling experience for your company and the people in it. We can guide you every step of the way in finding out what locations and activities will work best for your staff, and put together an itinerary that will be both productive and unforgettable.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Zara Charity's Visit to the Endevesi Pre School In Same Tanzania

This album was created after a visit to Endevesi Pre school in Same Tanzania by Zara Charity. The children at the school are faced with hunger which leads to some of them not attending school. Zara Charity is crowdrising funds to buy food for these children because every child deserves a good start. Please visit our website and GET INVOLVED.
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