Let's Clean the Ocean to beat plastic pollution

"Climate change is emerging as a potent driver of internal migration, in Tanzania we are experiencing rising sea levels that led to more intense rainy seasons resulting to flooding in the coastal areas."

 Mount Kilimanjaro Porters Society and TESO sponsored and supported by Zara Charity Foundation has chosen to make a difference by engaging in regular clean up activities to stop any further damage caused by environmental degradation fromhuman activity and promote the conservation.


In efforts to help raise awareness of global deforestation and its impact on Climate Change. The Zara Charity Tanzania team alongside some of our clients enroute a Kilimanjaro trek participated in a tree planting ceremony at Mandela School located in Moshi, Pasua village.
As a strong advocate for Sustainable Tourism Development, at Zara Charity Tanzania Adventures we are glad to be engaging with responsible tourists and we go the extra mile to facilitate more impactful, responsible, sustainable, exciting and memorable adventures for our clients.