Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ngorongoro Wild Camp

Welcome to the Ngorongoro Wildcamp, enjoy a breathtaking view of the salt water Lake Eyasi from your private balcony veranda situated within the astonishingly scenic and dramatic range of volcanic mountains that straddle the rift valley escarpment known as the Ngorongoro Highlands.  Enjoy a lifetime of wonderment as you watch wildlife like elephants roaming past the campsite, hear the lions roar nearby, view the migrating flamingoes, storks, and other birds and enjoy other magical sounds as they reverberate off the famous Ngorongoro crater.

Zara Tours newest and fifth Tanzanian Adventure property, located in Northern Tanzania, East Africa, is an 83 Kilometer scenic drive away from the main road leading from the town of Karatu and Highview Hotel.  The main highlight of this  property is perhaps that it is nestled in-land within the most remarkable natural wonder in all of Africa - the Ngorongoro crater often referred to as ‘Africa’s Eden’ or the 8th Natural Wonder of the World where virtually the entire panoply of game can be seen year round.

This location is the ideal mid-way point for excursions to Tarangire, Serengeti National Park and the Lake Natron area.  Along with several safari options the wonderful altitude scenery also contains some superb hiking and trekking opportunities guided by Masai guides from the local Esirwa community. Those who can handle the exercise can really enrich their safari experience with an on-foot exploration of the crater.  We encourage you to take part in and enjoy the fresh air, natural and untainted sceneries and distinct serenity found within the crater with some of the activities that are provided at the Ngorongoro Wildcamp.  Guests can enjoy a hike to Mount Makarot that allows for a spectacular and uninhibited view of Lake Eyasi, Ngorongoro Conservation area and the Serengeti National Park. Other treks include a visit to the Great Migration point to view the Wilder Beast migration at Endulen Village, a trip to the Mumba Caves or Mumba Rockshelter an archeological site located near the lake which is of particular interest because the site has yielded a number of Middle Stone Age and Late Stone Age Homo Sapien remains and artificats, as well as a trek to Lake Eyasi to view the flamingo migration and participate in other bird watching activities. 

Cultural explorations at Ngorongoro Wildcamp include paying a visit to the living environments of the Hadzabe Bushmen in Lake Eyasi, some of the last remaining hunter-gatherers on the continent who have inhabited the acacia forests and scrubland around Eyasi for over 10,000 years. Guests can also partake in a cross-cultural adventure with the Esirwa Masai clan to learn about the fascinating Maasai life styles, bomas, marriage traditions, and the local dances! Other activities that clients can partake include the spear target, fire stick making and also enjoy the Maasai food, drink, traditional attire and culture.

The camp, which will open on Jan 20th 2012, boasts 10 spacious and luxurious elevated tented rooms with private balcony’s that overlook Lake Eyasi, with another 20 to be built within the year.  The spacious rooms have been designed in a relaxed and comfortable style with a makuti or high palm roof and are all equipped with large En suite bathrooms, modern baths, and hot showers, orthopedic spring mattresses and are all furnished with natural wooden furniture’s made locally providing both a touch of the traditional with modern splashes of charm.  All of the rooms are also equipped with a personal safety deposit chest box and contain a small living area furnished with couches and coffee tables. 

Within the lounge and reception area a leisure section can be found consisting of satellite television access, a pool table, dartboard, and other in-door activities.  The dining and cuisine area has been authentically and traditionally designed with a palmed roof, fire-place, and relaxed style of bar dining where guests can enjoy an al a carte and buffet menu providing guests with the chance to discover culinary treasures while viewing the seasonal Lake Eyasi and wildlife as they pass by.  Guests can also enjoy traditional culinary lessons from in-house chefs. 

Indulge your senses in an experience of a lifetime with a highly qualified team of service operators at your beck and call at Ngorongoro Wilcamp, we enthusiastically welcome you to enjoy the natural wonders of the wild.

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