Friday, May 9, 2014


 Zebra are extremely dependent on water and never wander far from waterholes, where they usually drink at least once a day. It is the responsibility of an adult mare (often the oldest), to guide the family as they move from area to area and ensure that they never wander too far from water.
 Cheetahs have black "tear stripes" running from the corners of their eyes. These help block out sunlight, which aids them in spotting prey.
 Height and excellent eyesight enable giraffes to keep an eye on each other from far away. A dozen may be dispersed over 1/2 mile (0.8 km) of savanna and still be considered to be in a herd.
 Litters consist of two or three cubs that weigh about 3 pounds each. Some mothers carefully nurture the young; others may neglect or abandon them, especially when food is scarce. Usually two or more females in a pride give birth about the same time, and the cubs are raised together
Hyenas have a wide diet range and are both hunters and scavengers. In addition to scouring other predator's meals, hyenas will eat lizards, birds, snakes and insects but also have the ability to take down an antelope or wildebeest. Because their jaws are so strong, hyenas have the ability to eat bones, teeth and hooves. Generally, hyenas eat at night.

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