Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Opening of the school for the year 2017!!!

After a short holiday break the students are now back to school all healthy and ready for studies.

For the past 2 years more than 95 children were enrolled and received the best foundation education before join various primary schools. In 2017, we anticipate to enroll more children from this pastoral society. Please we humbly request your support for the effective running of the school for the academic year 2017. One child is approximately need a maximum of 850$ USD per year. This amount covers their tuition fee, accommodation at the dormitories, meals, and sport gears, teaching and learning materials as well as school development contribution.

The Future of the children in Enduleni and surrounding villages is secured from low civilized community, geographical distance, animal attack and floods during rain season. Every step of these children lives  has been made possible by everyone around the world who has donated or volunteered for the school in any how. Still these children need the world's help so that they can  achieve their dream by getting a good starting base in Education.

 For more key information on our Student Sponsorship Program, please write to us through and for more information about ZARA Charity interventions in Tanzania please visit us in