Monday, March 5, 2018

Danish Lady Breaks a Record After Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for 5hrs and 52 minutes with Zara Tours

DANISH national Ms. Kristina Schou Madsen (32) has become the first female to spend only 6 hours and 52 minutes for a climb and return trip to from the highest peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro-Uhuru Peak (5,895m ASL).
Speaking with this paper in an exclusive interviews here yesterday after her ascend from the ‘Roof of Africa, Madsen explained that she decided to have such a unique expedition dubbed “Speedy Climb’ for the cause, just soon after coming back from the highest peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro (Uhuru peak) in her 7-days expedition through Machame route.
“Me and fellow trekkers had first 7-days Mt. Kilimanjaro expedition from February 13 to 19 this year; then soon after the expedition which was for fun, I decided to have a ‘Speedy Climb’ on February 23 this year after some having some mountain acclimatization to support some projects undertaken by the ZARA Charity organization…..” she explained.
Ms. Madsen who was also accompanied by her two friends in the ‘Speedy Climb’ namely Simon Grimstrup, and Josephine Dewett Kristensen who reached Uhuru and Stella point respectively further explained  that she is going to raise some funds through the expedition to construct some classrooms, toilets, dinning hall and a modern kitchen for the Maasai school in Ngorongoro, in Arusha region, among many projects.
“I’m happy that I become the first female in the World to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro using only 6 hours and 52 minutes for the cause, and I’m going to raise funds to support some projects undertaken by the ZARA Charity organization including the construction of the key buidings at the Maasai school at Ngorongoro area in collaboration also the ZARA Tours and Zara charity organizations…. “ she enlightened.
She further explained that, apart from climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in those two expeditions, she is also going to visit Ngorongoro cater as well as Serengeti National Park (SENAPA) to see wild animals in their nature.
Giving her experience, Ms. Madsen who is also a professional runner said that, she used to run on different mountains in the world including Everest Marathon and US Marathon.

For his part, Freddy Martin, a professional mountain Guide from ZARA Tanzania Adventures-the organizers of the two expedition explained that, he has more than 11 years experience on mountain climbing; but he had never had such unique expedition of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in such a very few hours.
“In the ‘Speedy Climb’ through Mweka route we used to run to the top, surely this has inspired me, and I hope one day I will break the World Record…” he explained.
Zainab Ansell, the Managing Director of the ZARA Tanzania Adventures-one of the leading tourism company that organized the safari and the expedition explained that,  she is very glad to receive organize such a good expeditions that among many other things, will promote the Tanzania’s tourism in America and all over the world in general.
Last year, the Tanzanian, Lekule, became the first African to spend 8 hours and 36 for a climb and return trip to from the mountain peak.
The first record of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was set by Simon Mtui by spending 9:20 in 2006, followed by Kilians Jornet from Spain spent at around 7:20 in 2010.
Lekule who holds the record of being the first Mount Kilimanjaro climber who used shortest time, called also for cooperation from private institutions and the Government in sponsoring athletes for Mountain Run so that they become better internationally.
During the interviews, Lekule said he is in preparation to set a new record in the high and famous mountains in the world for the initial practice in the country and then abroad.
“I like to promote Tanzania worldly and I have already received many invitations to go out to compete in the Mountain Run. My goal is to set a record in the high mountains, so I still have to practice and will continue to practice here and later outside Tanzania,” he said.
Lekule said that so far, World Record is held by Karl Egloff from Ecuador, who spent 6:53 to climb and slump Mount Kilimanjaro in 2014, breaking the record that was set by Kilians Jornet from Spain who used around 7:20 climbing and descending the same mountain in 2010.
Also, in 2016, Researchers exploring  a remote valley on the mountain (two hours walk from Mrusunga forest in Kidia ward, Moshi rural district), discovered towering tree that reaches 81.5 metres into the sky; and that’s enough to make it the new record holder for the tallest tree on the entire Continent of Africa.

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