Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Zainab Ansell exchanging gifts with the Maasai community in Ngorongoro National Park

Zainab was invited by the Maasai community during christmas day.

This was such an honour as it showed that the Maasai community and Zara Tours were cooperating together to help the community. During the four hour celebrations there was speeches given both by the head of the Maasai Community and Zainab Ansell, then they served meat to her and her guests which showed that it was a peaceful meeting. After it all there were exchange of gifts, Zainab decided that she will do a trek up the mountain where she will raise money for the maasais in that area who have to walk 4km just to  get water and 12 km for their children to get to school.

Also, after the official opening of Ngorongoro Wild Camp under Zara Properties  the maasai women will be given an opportunity to sell their products to the clients of Zara Tours which will help them improve their living conditions.

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