Monday, December 19, 2011

Zara Charity

ZARA Charity

In order to support those in need in a more holistic and sustainable way and in order to reach more people to get involved - Zainab decided to launch the ZARA Charity in 2009. For the ZARA Charity, Zainab has brought together a group of charitable NGOs (Non-government organizations) and CBOs(Community-based organizations) that provide valuable relief to suffering Tanzanian communities. It is Zainab's aim to give them a firm ground of support upon which to stand and function.

As a separate charitable organization, ZARA Charity, its operations, and its finances are distinct from ZARA Tours. While ZARA Tours donates 15 US$ per traveler to support the ZARA Charity, any and all monetary or material donations remain with ZARA Charity to be passed on to its supported organizations with no form of contributed support ever going to ZARA Tours.  

ZARA Charity believes in complete and comprehensive accountability that ensures responsible application of all donor contributions to the specific causes they wish to help. If donating to the Charity as a whole, then this entails guaranteeing that donated funds are given directly and completely to supported organizations only.  

ZARA Charity has people in touch with many charitable organizations that understand their needs and can distribute donated funds accordingly. These people will follow up on how the money has been used in order to guarantee donors that their money is being used according to their interest and in the best manner for the benefit of the needy.  

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