Friday, January 23, 2015


Scheduled to take place on 18th April 2015, Ngorongoro Marathon is among unique community themed-multi-cultural series of events designed with entertainment packages including but not limited to adventure safari’s (pre & post marathon tour packages), open festivals, overnight carnivals, football matches, stage performances and red carpet award ceremony; heavily concentrated in Karatu town for almost five days including pre-events.
History: Ngorongoro marathon is a community outreach initiative bestowed under Zara Charity Tanzania and the idea was invented in 2008 by Ms. Leila Ansell and Mama Zainab Ansell among CEO’s of ZARATanzania Adventures in supporting Zara Charity organization community development projects. Together with various stakeholders the race was positively accepted and promoted to its success. Until its 7th season Ngorongoro marathon took on promotional campaigns for Malaria being entitled “The Race against Malaria”. Ngorongoro marathon is officially registered and recognized with international standards of athletics association worldwide.
More impacts like Maasai women and children empowerment have been observed throughout Karatu and neighboring places apart from malaria case which presents a visible prevalence setback of 8.7 to 0.4 to date.
Currently, we anticipate more positive impacts whereas education project for Maasai community in Ngorongoro conservation area (Endulen), as well as local tourism are considered to be seasonal priority.
Primarily objectives for the existence of this marathon are as follows;
I. Promoting art and culture by bringing together both locals and foreigners as a multicultural festival.
II. Raising funds for charity works and other community interventions.
III. Promoting both local and international tourism in Tanzania.
IV. Creating awareness for health and environmental conservation issues (whereas MALARIA have been given priority over the last 7 years).
V. Promoting Education.
Warmest regards,
ZARA Charity Team

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