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My biggest achievement is sending people to Kilimanjaro

I am a Tanzanian based business magnate, investor and philanthropist.
I started ZARA Tours in 1987, organizing African safaris and climbs to Mount. Meru and Mount. Kilimanjaro.
Today, ZARA Tours are Tanzania’s No.1 Kilimanjaro outfitter and one of the biggest safari operators. Zainab also runs a hotel chain that consists of 9 properties. 7 under the Tanzanian wild-camps umbrella and two separate hotels.
In 2009 i launched Zara Charity, giving back to marginalized communities in Tanzania and making her footprint in the global movement for sustainable tourism development.
I also launched Zara foundation for ecosystems preservation. Advocating for land and marine biodiversity conservation with her focus being on cleaning up the Indian Ocean.

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Zara Tours Receives five awards for second year in a row in Tanzania Tourism Award by Tanzania National Park Authority (TANAPA).

Tanzania’s state-run conservation and tourism agency has named the founder and Managing Director of Zara International Travel Agency (ZITA), Mrs Zainab Ansell, the best tour operator of the year 2020, proving her extraordinary efforts to shape the multi-billion-dollar tourism industry.This is the second year in a row the female tour operator is recognised as the best tour operator after she scooped the overall winner in the male dominated industry in the maiden Tanzania National Parks’ (TANAPA) prestigious awards in 2019.Mrs Zainab Ansell was particularly celebrated as an extraordinary woman who fought extremely hard to emerge at the top of the male-controlled business and shape the tourism industry through her dedication, hard work and innovation. She positioned herself as an exemplary leader in the industry and helped her company stand out of the crowd.“This certifies that Zara Tanzania Adventures has been awarded the best tour operator 1st prize for an outstanding business contribu…

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Help us raise 3000$ to support local community in Tanzania during the Covid-19 crisis With the help of our donors this month again one more round of food and sanitation supplies was distributed to our kids under Zara charity here in Tanzania.
We are still educating the kids and the villages on the importance of maintaining severe hand hygiene so as they can reduce the risk of getting the Corona Virus.
Tanzania needs you now, the kids need you now to help us on fighting the Covid 19.  Schools are closed and most parents have lost their jobs. We are fundraising for 3000$ so that we can buy books for underprivileged kids who can not afford internet to read online this will help them to continue reading at home until when schools are open.
Also the donation will help us to continue buy food and distribute among the underprivileged families so that they can have meals at home during this Covid 19 crisis.
"Your Donation is greatly appreciated"
Dear Travel Partners, As the world is on silent mode and communities all over the globe are bringing their focus back to the COVID-19 situation and keep their health first priority, we are reminded that we keep connecting you to the wilderness and share some magic moments and truly memorable.  Zara Tours Adventures ( Zara Tours) , partners, friends, guests and communities have in many ways never felt closer, as we rally together and connect in new ways, and share stories of this magnificent continent that has captured our hearts, and yours. IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)
Our best wishes go out to all those who have been affected by the virus, and we deeply sympathized with our colleagues in the industry and travellers, understanding the pressure we all face today.
It is during difficult times like these, that we need to come together, to make every booking count and to make sure we do find creative solutions that work for all, the traveller, their business, as well as o…
THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION DURING THIS COVID 19 CRISIS Many of the families here in Tanzania especially the ones who depended on tourism business are facing a serious economic crisis during this Covid 19 era.
With the help of our donors we are doing everything in our power to support the children and the families, by providing basic needs like food and sanitary supplies to protect their health and well being.
With your help we can do more and we can reach more families and respond to their urgent basic needs.
"Your Donation is greatly appreciated" DONATE HERE