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Following the increase in death rate in Africa, believed to be caused by Malaria, Zara Tours(since its inception in 2008), has been among the founders and sponsors of Ngorongoro Run - the race against Malaria. The mission has been achieved by ZaraCharity to support The Millennium Development Goals in Africa, which is an education and environmental conservation program, Among the Millennium Development Goals, the Charity is also sponsoring the race against Malaria in Africa.

The Marathon is an opportunity to raise awareness about Malaria which affects between 300 and 500 million people every year; over 90% of those impacted live in Africa and are threatened by Malaria infection if proper measures aren't taken and awareness campaigns are not held. The impact of the disease is severe.

This year, Zara Charity is looking to increase the coverage of the awareness campaign(s) against Malaria to reach more people and save more lives in Africa. Meanwhile, we are three months away fro…


The East African country of Tanzania has the biggest land area of the nearby countries, with a landscape boasting coastal plains, inland plateaus and highlands.  It is geographically diverse and powerfully beautiful, attracting visitors from far and wide intent on experiencing it for themselves.   Tanzania is also very well connected in terms of the entirety of East Africa, serving as a gateway into the central parts of Africa.  The commercial capital and seaport of Dar es Salaam provides access to the landlocked countries of Malawi, Zambia, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda. With this hub for trading and thriving metropolis, Tanzania has all the appeal to draw interested travelers to its gates.
Exploring Tanzania
While considered most famous for the epic Mount Kilimanjaro and the iconic African safaris, Tanzania has so much more to offer than just these activities.  If your interests go beyond climbing Kilimanjaro or riding along on the classic safari, a tour of Tanzania should …


Equipment to benefit tourists, employees, Tanzanian government

Tanzania, Africa – Zara Tours, Tanzania’s leading provider of Mt. Kilimanjaro tours, announced the purchase of a wide variety of new equipment to enhance the guest (tourist) experience, as well as maintain Zara Tours’ tradition of safety. Tents, sleeping bags and pads, porter’s bags and other essential climbing equipment were among the items recently purchased.
These items are difficult to acquire in the area because of limited quality outlets and high shipping costs, but Zara Tours believes the effort and expense it took to do so will be more than worthwhile, as it has improved the comfort and safety of treks up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Each Mt. Kilimanjaro tour generates commerce for the national park and the government, stimulating the economy as a whole.
Zainab Ansell, owner of Zara Tours, said, “We’re honored to provide specialized Kilimanjaro tours, and new equipment provides our guests with an exceptional experience, not to…

Tour operator constructs school for Maasai children

Zara Tanzania Adventures (Zara Tours) has constructed a new and modern pre-school for Maasai children in Endulen village, in Ngorongoro District, Arusha Region.
The move will provide basic formal education to the children and recruit them in the modern world and get freedom from continued cattle raring activities. The school will start in January (2014), explained Zainab Ansell, ZARA Tours Managing Director company. The pre-school has been constructed with funds from Zara Tanzania Charity, Zara Tours, Africa Safari and the Reinhold Beitlich Stiftung Foundation. She said: “Once open, the school will not only provide education for pupils.  It will also act as a home for them as it will feature a dormitory.  “The pupils will be provided with clothes, as well as entertainment and health services.”  According to Ansell the ultimate goal is to provide Maasai children with the opportunity to attend preschool where “they will hopefully learn a life-long love of education, gain early…