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Zara Tours Clients helping out children from Kilimanjaro Orphanage to harvest.


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Article from Euphoria Travel Magazine

Double challenge on the “Kili”
An engagement or honeymoon on the roof of Africa
Travelling to Tanzania, the biggest country in Eastern Africa, and climbing the 5,895 meter Kilimanjaro, or “Kili” as known by those who are friendly with it, is in itself a huge challenge that some hundred people of all ages - mostly between 25 and 35 – come from all over the world to take on. Among these are couples that have decided to spend their honeymoon or get engaged at the summit, in an act of taking up a second gauntlet that may either be auspicious or ominous depending on the success or failure of the climb.Brave, aren’t they? But certainly, it promises to be memorable. Those who “have made it” and have reached the Uhuru summit are a part of the approximately 70% who do. Those who can’t make it are mostly victims of altitude sickness. One must remember that the Kili is not an easy summit to climb.One has to love walking and be capable of walking at least 5 hours a day, during at least 5 …


Facing it worst drought in 60 years, Somalia is gripped by a devastating famine that is threatening millions of lives.  An overwhelming 12 million people have been affected by the famine in East Africa.  However, Somalia has been the hardest-hit country with the UN declaring famine in 5 Somali regions. 

If immediate action is not taken by the international community to curtail the preventable famine, over 600,000 severely malnourished children on the brink of starvation may perish in the next few weeks.  Displaced by drought, famine and conflict, thousands of people are forced to trek under the scorching heat for hundreds of miles across the Somali desert to squalid and overcrowded refugee camps in neighbouring Kenya and Ethiopia.  Women, children, the elderly and weak have reportedly succumbed to the harsh terrain while emaciated mothers and babies have reportedly died at the doorsteps of refugee camps.  Those who survive the harrowing journey often end up a…