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“MT Kilimanjaro climbing is a tough task. For one to trek this snow peaked highest mountain in Africa, one has to be physically fit and forbearing. But it is so wonderful when one manages to climb the mountain up to its highest point-the Uhuru Peak (5,895 meters above the sea level),” says Anne Lorimor-85 years old grandma, Arizona native in the United States of America (USA) who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to its’ highest peak for the cause!
The grandma is not a sailor. But still she have a right to shout: “Hurrah!” because she managed to reach the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro representing a cause for the oldest people worldwide.

Speaking with the Guardian on Saturday in an exclusive interview this week, Anne explained that, the core aim of the expedition entitled ‘Kili Climb-Challenge Youth Fund (CYF)’ is to raise some funds aiming at helping disadvantaged kids become all that they can be. According to her, she wants them to know their options and be given the hand up they deserve.
As Anne recalls, it was around 07:30 a.m. on July 12, 2015 after a breathtaking 02 and half hour slow walk from Stellar Point that she managed to reach Uhuru Peak, 5,895 meters above sea level. “For some seconds I totally forgot that there were some other people coming along with me, then after some 15 minutes I saw them coming towards me in a second group and it downed on me that they have made it. We all made!”
She recollected that was the culmination of ‘our eight day Mt. Kilimanjaro climb’ through the toughest Rongai Route that to her still seems like a dream. “Reaching Uhuru Peak was a dream come true but the actual climb is a long episode that one need to grow old first to forget,” she noted “I do like the challenge, that’s why I came to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro though I’m old and I very much appreciate myself that I made it to the Uhuru Peak with the ‘great assistance’ from Wilbard Peter Mrima a professional mountain tour Guide with ZARA TANZANIA ADVENTURES..” Ms. Lorimor explained.
According to Ms. Lorimor, she dreamed to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro for a long time because since she was young she used to read in various outlets on the ‘majesty’ of the free standing mountain in Africa – Mt. Kilimanjaro that’s why she decided to climb it this year to prove to the World that ‘Anything is Possible if you like’ and age is just a number!
Explaining her experience on mountain hiking, Ms. Lorimor explains; “In the US I do climb some hills around my neighborhood, and I do remember in 1964 I climbed the Great Pyramids in Egypt. I thank God that I made it to Uhuru Peak after a good assistance from Wilbard Peter Mrima from the ZARA Tanzania Adventures who was very patient with me. He assisted me very much to fulfill my dream, and next year if God wishes I will come to scale again the highest Peak of Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro…” the old woman explained with tears of joy rolling down her cheeks.


The Director of Zara Tours & Zara Properties is Proud to announce that the Ngorongoro wild camp in Ngorongoro, Tanzania received a certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor recently. This prestigious award is given to businesses worldwide that consistently earn high ratings from TripAdvisor travelers. It places Ngorongoro wild camp in the top-performing of all tourist businesses around the world on TripAdvisor in 2015.
Ms. Leila Ansell, Zara Properties general manager said, “We are very honored to receive this recognition. It means a lot to us especially because Trip Advisor is one of the most reputable sources of tourism and hotel information for global travelers. This goes to show that Ngorongoro wild camp has earned its place among the leading wild camps in Ngorongoro Conservation area. Our clients have always been at the core of our operations as we thrive to ensure that their experiences in Ngorongoro are beyond memorable.”
“Winning the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence is a true source of pride for the entire team at Zara Properties and we’d like to thank all of our past guests who took the time to complete a review on Trip Advisor,” said by Zainab Ansell, The Director of Zara Tours and Zara Properties. She then adds “There is no greater seal of approval than being recognized by one’s customers. With the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence based on customer reviews, the accolade is a remarkable vote of confidence to our business and our continued commitment to excellence.”
Trip Advisor is the world’s largest online travel site that enables travelers to plan and have perfect trips. It offers trusted advice from real travelers about a variety of travel choices, itineraries, accommodations and travel experiences. Trip Advisor branded sites make up the largest travel community in the world, with more than 200 million unique monthly visitors, and over 100 million reviews and opinions. The site operates worldwide.

Opened in 2012 Ngorongoro wild camp is located in Isirwa area within the Ngorongoro Conservation area, on the beautiful view of ‪Lake‬ Eyasi. It gives visitors an opportunity to witness the Ngorongoro Ecosystem, while enjoying the stunning view over the surrounding savannah, which is full of wildlife throughout the year. The Ngorongoro wild camp is composed of 20 comfortable luxury tents and 6cottages to accommodate 2 guests each, as well as large dining and reception area.
The Camp is owned and operated by ‪ZARA‬ Tanzania Adventures, a travel agency and tour operator based in Moshi Tanzania.

Mrs. Zainab Ansell, a sustainable tourism advocate from ‪Moshi‬/Tanzania, founded the business in 1987. They now boast not only a successful tour operation and travel agency but also 6 properties in the ‪Northerncircuit‬ including Springland Hotel in Moshi, High View Hotel in ‪Karatu‬, Serengeti Wild Camp (in Serengeti national park – Seronera area), ‪Serengeti‬ wildebeest camp (in central Serengeti), Ikoma Wild Camp (in Serengeti National park) and Ngorongoro Wild Camp (in Ngorongoro Crater).

ZARA Tanzania Adventures has won a couple of awards in recent years including the 2012 global World Trade Market (WTM) Humanitarian Award in London for practicing sustainable tourism under its foundation Zara Charity, and Mrs. Ansell was awarded the business entrepreneur award under Tanzania Women of Achievement for running a successful Tour Operating Company in 2012; Zara ‪Charity‬ received the ‪Ngorongoro‬ Marathon Award for organizing a successful race to fight ‪Malaria‬ in 2012;
Others include:
2015 – Traveler’s Eye Presents Sustainable Business Award honoring Zara Tanzania Adventures on its outstanding contribution in Conservation, community Development and Capacity Building Achievement – Tourism for future Africa Awards – 2015.

Monday, July 13, 2015


Geita Gold Mine (GGM) in partnership with Tanzania Commission for AIDS (TACAIDS) and Zara Tanzania Adventures officiated the 14th year of Kilimanjaro Challenge Flag-Off at Machame Gate, in Moshi. The Kili Challenge Flag-Off ceremony was officiated by Hon. Severine Kahitwa the Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS) of Kilimanjaro.

This year marks the 14th historic climb for this noble cause with over 500 individuals from across the world participating in Kilimanjaro Challenge flag off ceremony where by 39 climbers will take the flag to the Roof of Africa with Zara Tanzania Adventures and its impact is tangibly seen amongst our communities. The Kilimanjaro Challenge is an annual activity that aims to raise funds from different partners through sponsorship of climbers to Mount Kilimanjaro and to distribute the funds to relevant charities fighting HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I'm happy to announce the official opening of the Ngorongoro pre-school in Ngorongoro Conservation area - Tanzania. 

For more information about the project Email; and/or


Ngorongoro Marathon‬ is among unique community themed-multi-cultural series of events designed with entertainment packages including but not limited to ‪adventure safari‬’s (pre & post ‪‎marathon‬ tour packages), open festivals, overnight carnivals, football matches, stage performances and red carpet award ceremony; heavily concentrated in ‪Karatu town‬ for almost five days including pre-events.
Flagged off by Honorary Fredrick Sumaye (the former prime minister of Tanzania from 1995 – 2005), The Season 8th of Ngorongoro Marathon was a huge success. The African Charity Marathon attracts a spectrum of runners from professionals to amateur joggers. The course is a 21km loop from Loduare, the main gates to Ngorongoro Crater, back to Karatu Town.
The Ngorongoro Marathon was launched in 2008 to contribute to ongoing global and national efforts towards the fight against malaria. Community involvement and mobilization in the fight against malaria needs bold and innovative ideas, the marathon being one of them.
In 2015 adopted a new theme called “brick for life” – the aim being to create awareness and to fundraise for a pre-school for the Maasai kids residing in the Ngorongoro conservation area.
For more information Email; and/or

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Recently the East Africa’s Ngorongoro Marathon took place in Karatu Township racing from Ngorongoro Conservation Area’s main gate, the famous wildlife and Tourist Park in northern Tanzania, attracting students, volunteers, tourists, tour operators, artists, and celebrities, among other runners.

Organised by local tour company, ZARA Tanzania Adventures, the 21-kilometre half marathon race took place on April 19 and attracted runners from East Africa, Africa, and other parts of the world who came together for charity running in support of poor children and women living in areas neighbouring northern Tanzania’s wildlife parks.
The Coordinator of the Zara Charity, Emmanuel Gabriel explained that, the ZARA Charity’s newest project aims at making a change to the lives of the Maasai women in Karatu. 

“The  Ngorongoro Marathon is primarily organised to support the community in different ways entitled “Run for Charity,” adding that the event is among a unique community-themed, multi-cultural series of events designed with entertainment packages including, but not limited to, adventure safaris, open festivals, overnight carnivals, football matches, stage performances, and a red-carpet award ceremony. The marathon is also being organised to promote tourism with a priority to support the Maasai communities through education and health.
He said great improvements have been made in the education of Maasai men, the women are poorly lacking behind, due to their burden of a traditional inferior role within their community.
Therefore, Zara Charity wants to build a Maasai Women’s Vocational Training Educational Centre in the highlands of Karatu. “Certain skills can help these women to rise above their restricted positions in society and to grant their family a better living by establishing their own business or getting employed. Eventually, they can realise their full potential and be empowered to pursue their own dreams and ideals,” he explained.
Registered as the Ngorongoro Marathon Project, ZARA Tanzania Adventures aims at raising funds to support the Maasai women so as to liberate them from their traditional beliefs, which is based on oppression, exploitation, and elimination of women within their society. In order to improve this situation and to help the Maasai women in Karatu and Ngorongoro localities, the company, through ZARA Charity, plans to build an educational training centre at the area.

Over 5,000 athletes from nearly 40 countries competed in the race under the banner of tourism promotion and charity initiatives to support the poor communities.
Rwanda and Burundi were the first countries to register their participation in this year's Ngorongoro Marathon. The athletes competed in a 21-kilometre Half-Marathon, 5-kilometre race, and 2.5-kilometre run for primary and secondary school pupils and students.

The guest of honour during prize giving ceremony at the 2015-Ngorongoro Marathon-Run for Charity, former Prime Minister, Fredrick Sumaye commended Zara’s efforts for supporting vulnerable groups in our community.

“The government recommends the role played by ZARA Tanzania Adventures through its charitable organisation-Zara Charity in the promoting the domestic tourism as well as promoting sustainable education for the pastoralists’ kids who normally shift from one place to another with cattle, searching for the pastures, “ he explained.
However, Sumaye advised Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCCA) to engage fully in the Ngorongoro marathon initiated by Zara charity so long the name of the race is their ‘brand name.’

For her part, Chief Executive Officer of the ZARA Tanzania Adventures, Zainab Ansell explained that, her organisation started its community education project for the marginalised pupils in Ngorongoro after realising that many young Maasai girls and boys in Endulen Ward had no access to nursery school and they were forced to walk more than 10 kilometres for pre-school studies.
“In 2013, we carried a study at Endulen Ward and we learnt that there was no single nursery school for the kids. So, Zara Charity in collaboration with our partners started constructing a modern nursery school for the pastoralists’ kids in Endulen Ward worth over 140 m/-.” 
 Ansell further explained by understanding the importance of nursery education to the kids for the sustainable education, ZARA Tanzania Adventures (ZARA Tours), under its charitable trust called Zara Charity in collaboration with other stakeholders for the eighth year in a row, have being sponsoring the Ngorongoro Half Marathon-dubbed the Run for Charity, aiming at raising awareness on the importance of helping the needy in the community as well as promoting local tourism.

Zara Charity is an NGO (non-government organisation) founded by Zainab Ansell and Roger Ansell was established on June 15, 2009 under the non-government organisation act 2002 section 12(2) of act no 24. From its beginnings, Zara Charity has supported vulnerable groups in our community. 
Established as a brainchild of ZARA Tanzania Adventure and ZARA Charity, the Ngorongoro Marathon has so far attracted runners from Kenya and Rwanda, apart from Tanzania.
One of its roles is to enhance community economic development by supporting vulnerable groups in our community. Its vision is to unite the long term volunteers from across the world with various projects supported by Zara Charity. 

To ensure local community development and sustainability and support disadvantaged groups within the community such as women, orphans, and poor people by proving them basic needs such as food, Shelter education.  The following are projects supported by Zara Charity:  Mount Kilimanjaro Porters Society,  Ngorongoro Marathon Project,   Kilimanjaro Orphanage Centre, Maasai Women Group.

Other government official at the event included the Arusha Regional Commissioner, Felix Ntibenda, President of Athletics Association of Tanzania, Anthony Mtaka, among many others.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Tanzania, Africa — As a proud representative and supporter of a number of community development projects throughout Tanzania, ZARA Tours—currently the No. 1 Kilimanjaro outfitter in Tanzania, and one of the largest safari operators in the country—is excited to host the 8th Annual Ngorongoro Marathon, taking place 18th April 2015 in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

As a unique, community-themed, multi-cultural event, this year’s Ngorongoro Marathon has been designed to offer a variety of entertainment packages, including, but not limited to: adventure safaris (pre & post marathon tour packages), open festivals, overnight carnivals, football matches, stage performances and a red carpet award ceremony. All events and celebrations (including pre-events) will take place over a five-day period in the heavily concentrated town of Karatu.


In 2008, Ms. Leila Ansell and Mama Zainab Ansell—each CEO’s of ZARA Tanzania Adventures—came up with the idea to create a unique community outreach and development initiative under Zara Charity Tanzania, and the first ever Ngorongoro Marathon was born. Together, with various stakeholders, the race was positively accepted and promoted to its success. Up until its 7th season, the Ngorongoro Marathon took on promotional campaigns for Malaria, and was entitled, “The Race Against Malaria.”

Community Development and Support:In addition to Malaria—which presents a visible prevalence setback of 8.7 to 0.4 to date—the Ngorongoro Marathon has positively impacted other important issues throughout Karatu and neighboring places and people, such as Maasai women and children empowerment. Furthermore, the Ngorongoro Marathon aims to:
  • Promote art and culture by bringing together both locals and foreigners at a multicultural festival.
  • Raise funds for charity works and other community interventions.
  • Promote both local and international tourism in Tanzania.
  • Create awareness for health and environmental conservation issues.
  • Promote education.
The Ngorongoro Marathon is officially registered and recognized with international standards of athletic associations, worldwide. For more information on the 8th Annual Ngorongoro Marathon, or to learn how to register, please visit the event’s WordPress page.

To learn more about ZARA Tours or the company’s charity program, ZARA Charity, go to Zara Tours and Zara charity
About Zara Tours:
ZARA TOURS, founded in 1987, is currently the No. 1 Kilimanjaro outfitter in Tanzania and one of the largest safari operators in the country. Proud to be known as one of the best operators in the region with a reputation for providing an exceptional, unforgettable and safe experience, ZARA TOURS owns and operates two hotels and three tented camps, has 88 safari and climbing expert guides who speak English, German and Spanish, and a fleet of fully-equipped vehicles that take tourists on safari adventures or treks up Mt. Kilimanjaro. ZARA TOURS also runs ZARA Charity, which plays a vital role in the local community by supporting important community development programs, such as the Maasai women’s group, education, children empowerment and more.

Friday, January 30, 2015


Yours Excellencies, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.
I am delighted to be invited and to join all of you here; this is my first invitation to Moshi Cooperative University Session.
I am entrepreneur with dedications on Tourism sector with particular interests on accommodation facilities, mountain climbing and safari business in Tanzania and East Africa at large. I officially founded a company called ZARA tours in 1987. I have been socially responsible about the impacts of Tourism activities and have developed my business around sustainable development practices and I strongly believe and practice giving back to the community.
Yours Excellencies, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen
It is my pleasure to congratulate and thanks Moshi Cooperative University Authority (MoCU) in collaboration with the Universities Providers Worldwide (UPW) for organizing such a great session. Their support is very much appreciated, with the fact that, the impact of this event will not only benefit and empower University students in Tanzania but the general public attending, especially those who want to take my path to become entrepreneur. “WE ZARA TANZANIA ADVENTURES STAND FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS, YOUNG LADIES, THE NEEDY, THE VOICELESS, WE WANT TO SUPPORT THEM AND SEE THEM GROW” Moshi Cooperative University (MoCU) you have shown us how much you care and how much you are dedicated to play your role for Empowering Graduate in our Country and beyond. May God abundantly repay you!

Yours Excellencies, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen
As a woman, an Entrepreneur and Director of Zara Tanzania Adventure apart of being a tour operator, I have engaged on a lot of other social issues in my country particularly those directly affecting orphan, children, Women, Youth, the needy and mitigation of the impact of climate change from environmental perspective. more details  Zara charity Tanzania
Hon. Dr. President, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete the current (President of The United Republic of Tanzania) commended and appreciated in person the contributions of Zara Tanzania Adventures in Tourism Industry and the community of the United Republic of Tanzania. To me that was reflection of trust and of course good gesture of reflection how ZARA Adventure is perceived beyond our offices.

Yours Excellencies, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen
As a woman in developing country to achieve all this is not an easy task of which I really and highly express my sincere thanks to family and friends for invaluable support in making this company what it is today. I also pose this as a challenge to University Providers and Graduate students in Tanzania, Africa in Particular and the world at large to be very strong with ambitions and commitment as we endure in addressing some of the core and new challenges we face for our economic development.
Yours Excellences, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen
As I started this company to date I have been on a number of issues….
  • Way back to my Background, Early life and education,
  • When I graduated school my thought was to start something but the vision was still not clear how will I go about it, such the issue of capital, bureaucracy in registering business…. etc.. etc..
  • My working experiences with Air Tanzania “a good path to my dream come true”.
  • My Decision to Quit ATC and start ZARA….. “one of the hard and important decision”
  • Challenges when I Quit ATC and start ZARA.  “Being a WOMAN in my world at that time……”
My Dear all having the above introductory remarks, please allows me to share some of my thoughts and experiences “Tourism as an Integral Part of Tanzanian Economy”.
Tourism has become the world’s largest industry, according to the World Tourism Organization Findings; no surprise when one considers that it incorporates the world’s oldest profession. In some developing regions, such as the Caribbean or the South Pacific, tourism is the primary sector in which significant economic growth takes place. In other regions, including areas of Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and formerly communist Eastern Europe, tourism is just beginning to take off. In all of these areas, tourism’s impact has been decidedly mixed.
Yours Excellences, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen
In spite of its natural beauty, the Tanzania tourism sector still remains relatively untapped, receiving approximately 600,000 visitors per annum compared with neighboring Kenya’s million + visitors. 

In the past, despite Tanzania’s record of political stability, the unattractive investment climate discouraged foreign investment. 

This is no longer the case and the Government’s determination to create an environment conducive to private investment, combined with Tanzania’s natural beauty and the potential of the tourism sector, have made Tanzania an extremely viable and appealing market for investment

”Investment opportunities are in all sub sectors of tourism in Tanzania, such as hotels construction, restaurants, air operations, ground operations, supplier of tourism products such [vegetables, chickens meet, Milk, beef, gift shop] to mention a few,”
In its early stages tourism in the country was very minor, “because of the conservative approach [but] later on, as the government changed its political approach from socialism to a free market economy, investment in the protected areas was promoted and this opened up a new dimension for the development of tourism in Tanzania.” 

Since 1995, the tourism industry has been increasing at a rate of around 10% per annum and today, most tourists come directly to Tanzania, with only 20 to 30% coming via Kenya.

Tourism plays a key role in the country’s economy;
  • It is one of the main sources of foreign exchange and it offers employment opportunities both directly (supporting around 198,557 direct jobs) and indirectly [the suppliers of tourism Products and services].
  • Tourism accounts for around 16% of the GDP and nearly 25% of total export earnings.
It is, therefore, seen as a vital industry in terms of job creation, poverty alleviation and foreign exchange earnings. By the year 2010, the Government hopes to reach the target of one million tourists per year. The impact of tourism to the national economy is expected to reach US$ 3,699.4 million by 2015.
However, while the Government is keen to develop and promote tourism in Tanzania, it is also committed to sustainable tourism in order to preserve its natural and cultural resources.
Yours Excellences, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen
Tourism industry positions itself as a major employer for graduates globally and an industry that is Graduate friendly – opening doors for Graduates! However research and the stories of women engaged in tourism around the world has shown repeatedly that it is an industry that is far from being gender friendly. EQUATIONS work in this area examines the realities of tourism from the women perspective – particularly its most exploitative impact – Poverty alleviation. I also examine ways in which women can have greater access, control and ownership over livelihoods and natural resources as well as access to the benefits in the context of tourism. I Endeavour to influence policy makers for gender-sensitive models and policies for tourism. Through networking with government, tourism promoters and industry, media, monitoring impacts and research on tourism I aim to highlight these links. EQUATIONS work to ensure that the aspect of graduates receives attention in all our research studies and interventions and such to highly key areas and initiative for empowerment.

Yours Excellences, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen
Have also Identified some of the Challenge for Graduate in Tanzania.
  • Inadequate Employment opportunities. And such Companies and other institutions when want to employ they will ask for experience. You will hear that [we need 2, 3years experience].
  • Limited Capital and microfinance for Graduate would be entrepreneurs.
  • Lack of awareness of opportunities for students to invest in Tourism and other Sector.
  • Entrepreneurship skills and courage [Few graduates have the skills and courage].
  • Inadequate Support, networking and Partnership.
  • Graduate Mindset.
    – Graduate fails to use their knowledge and skills to employ themselves as entrepreneurs in their field of studies and available opportunities.
    – Negative attitudes towards graduate entrepreneurship.
  • Lack of trusted business partners / employees.
  • Lack of proper Infrastructures and the need for new technology i.e. Internet connectivity.
  • Low quality of Product and services.
  • Lack of proper skills including languages, to help graduate employ themselves.
Yours Excellences, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen
Have also identified some of the Opportunities for graduates in Tourism Industry.
  • Training opportunities i.e. opportunities for field attachment.
  • Employment Opportunities.
  • Investment opportunities [Involve in production and supplier of Tourism products and services such as Vegetable farming, poultry production, milk], Establishment of information & cultural center i.e. at tourist destination area, Establishment of Resort and recreational center.
  • Marketing opportunities the fact that our country is not well promoted.
  • Monitoring and Research Opportunities [Identifying new forms of tourism and the new need for Tourist, available opportunities for investors].
  • Involved in planning, Decision making and implementation.
  • The higher learning institutions, Universities Provides Worldwide and educators are challenged to innovate ways in which entrepreneurship courses will address issues that entrepreneurs face in Tanzania.
  • Creating a good environment for graduates to invest, this will include providing them with important knowledge and skills.
  • The Need for short courses for Capacity Building on entrepreneurship skills through training and development.
  • Capital and support from Government, NGOs financial institutions. [To help graduate, women and other groups source fund for their entrepreneurship]
  • Establishment of Networking and partnerships [globalization].
  • Identification of potential areas for Graduates to invest in the tourism industry, other sectors as well as awareness rising to the general public.
  • The need to increase Research and Monitoring on graduate and Entrepreneurship skills.
  • The Need to improve business registration and taxation procedures.
  • Improving general awareness of entrepreneurship skills.
  • Partnering with and Assistance from other entrepreneurs.
  • Good publicity of entrepreneurs in media, fostering legitimacy and reputation.
  • Entrance of foreign role models [learning from entrepreneurs of other countries]
  • Political and policy change.
Yours Excellences, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen
The premises of this unique collection as I was preparing this speech is that Graduates Roles in tourism industry is highly important, just as are their other positions in societies; and that Graduates themselves are affected in different ways by tourism depending on such factors as race, region, and class (leisured consumer vs. working producer, or guest vs. host). My general understanding for example Graduates role in the less-developed tourist destinations, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and eastern Europe; is less, unpredictable and thus has good implication for the future of economic development, policy issues and gender relations in tourism Industry.
Yours Excellences, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen
In 2015, the national theme for the Tourism Day can be “Tourism Opens Doors for Graduates.” As an opportunity to take the debate further on identifying challenges and opportunities for graduates to improve their economy from tourism Industry, as well as to understand the speech-making of the policy maker. An invitation from the University Providers Worldwide to participate in a high level think tank from around the world will help us in this task. I influence the University Providers Worldwide, Researchers to include aspects of graduates challenges and opportunities in their training, Research and work to bring out best solutions, Status report on the status of Graduates in tourism and to ensure that Graduates from all field had a role in influencing tourism policy and practice.
To wind up, Apart from those who are employed Graduates Involvement and Participation in Tourism Industry” has been unpredictable in some years and for our Economic empowerment at least we need to support each other in numbers of ways such by rising the awareness on available opportunities, giving them proper education and skills, Establishment of Networking, exposing to micro-finance’s and financial institution for capital, give each other courage through experiences but also identifying available opportunities in the tourism industry for graduates to invest as well as awareness aims at bringing youth aspects of tourism to the attention of policy makers, especially the role and position of Graduates in the economy, issues of graduate’s employment in the tourism industry and participation in tourism planning and management.
Graduates should be encouraged to get involved in independent community based tourism initiatives, through promoting the opportunities, offering advice, contacts and networks, training and education, access to information and access to credit – by national and local governments, trade unions, NGOs and industry collaborating with National graduates initiatives.
To University Providers Worldwide: Training and education programmes should aim at impacting graduates with important skills and identifying available opportunities for them to take entrepreneur initiatives by encouraging and helping them to change their mindset and find ways to employ them instead of looking for employment opportunities, which is unpredictable. This needs to be visible in the context of University and University Providers Worldwide in supporting graduates and the national economy. My appeal to the Universities in the Country is to identify and expose available opportunities for graduates to invest.
Intergovernmental bodies, national governments and NGOs should supportGraduates’ initiatives to improve awareness and ability of stakeholders to participate effectively, including using electronic media. However, the effort of addressing graduates’ challenges and groups need to be tackled in collaboration with local government and local NGOs.
Today more than ever before, we need to learn from our past economies, live consciously and meaningfully our present and with strong determination planning for the future. Let us be active supporters, humble contributors who can make initiatives calmly, actively, intellectually, historically, magnificently and productively for our economies, other graduates in the World and the entire Generation.
I am optimistic that these Public Lectures sessions will help us to lead our Graduates determine their aspirations, positions, needs, desires, challenges and reality on the basis of finding, seeing, judging, reflecting, actions and success of our Economy and our mother Country.
It is upon these questions that we need to focus on, bring in support for graduate organizations and see that the tourism issue is included in their agenda and that we adopt their understanding on Entrepreneurship and graduate issues in our agenda. There is need, therefore, to build a data base and alliances with different universities in the Country and if possible world wide, the industry and social activists and concerned citizen groups to study the issue of Graduates and debate the model being implemented in Tourism. Information and awareness is not only to be based on the motivations of the tourists and their need for services and products. It is to be based on the needs of the people and their perceptions of how tourism is to be developed and what benefits are to be derived. We must also be made aware of the negative consequences of tourism.
Finally, there is the issue of income generation as the only measure of development. Income, particularly in the case of tourism, is not stable, not under the control of the hosts, but manipulated by trade itself.
Secondly, income alone need not indicate growth or mobility because income is only one relation in the production-consumption process, and its impact on interconnected social issues need not be productive or liberating. As far as the issue of foreign exchange earnings is concerned, one must examine how global economy and lifestyle affects graduates and the community. In what way does it to bring graduates more power, influence and prosperity? In what way does it bring success to them? Does income or foreign exchange change graduates’ perceptions of society to transform the social position of Graduate? Attempting to answer these questions and issues will be the first step in the direction of empowering Graduates as they plan not only for today but also for the future because once the engines of graduate entrepreneurship have been set in motion, it will be difficult to stop them.
I thank you wholeheartedly for listening to me. THANK YOU!
ZARA TOURS, founded in 1987, is currently the No. 1 Kilimanjaro outfitter in Tanzania and one of the largest safari operators in the country. Proud to be known as one of the best operators in the region with a reputation for providing an exceptional, unforgettable and safe experience, ZARA TOURS owns and operates two hotels and four tented camps, has 88 safari and climbing expert guides who speak English, German and Spanish, and a fleet of fully-equipped vehicles that take tourists on safari adventures or treks up Mt. Kilimanjaro. ZARA TOURS also runs ZARA Charity, which plays a vital role in the local community by supporting vulnerable groups such as orphans, maasai women group, and more.


January 27, 2015, in  Los Angeles, California  Michael Madison, The President of Africa Travel Association (‪ATA) Presented a certificate of Appreciation to Zara Tours for its outstanding Contribution to the advancement and Promotion of Travel to ‪Africa, and collected by Mr. Rashid Adam, the Director of marketing for Zara Tours.

ZARA TOURS, founded in 1987, is currently the No. 1 Kilimanjaro outfitter in Tanzania and one of the largest safari operators in the country. Proud to be known as one of the best operators in the region with a reputation for providing an exceptional, unforgettable and safe experience, ZARA TOURS owns and operates two hotels and four tented camps, has 88 safari and climbing expert guides who speak English, German and Spanish, and a fleet of fully-equipped vehicles that take tourists on safari adventures or treks up Mt. Kilimanjaro. ZARA TOURS also runs ZARA Charity, which plays a vital role in the local community by supporting vulnerable groups such as orphans, maasai women group, and more.