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Zara Charities Continues Efforts to Support Tanzanian Communities

TANZANIA, AFRICA--Zara Charity offers renewed opportunities to get involved from around the world with one of their projects currently in need of funding. A non-profit, non-governmental organization founded by Zara Tours, Zara Charity has always sought to enhance community economic development, particularly by supporting vulnerable groups in nearby societies. As the tour company grows and brings more and more visitors from around the world, Zara Charity seeks to have an even greater impact on the people of Tanzania. This group has been especially interested in supporting key members of society in nearby areas, such as the Mount Kilimanjaro porters society, Maasai Women’s Group, and the Ngorongoro pre-school. Many of these people lack the ability to pursue any kind of education, so one of Zara Charity’s primary focuses has been to teach them English, financial management, and entrepreneur skills to give them more tools with which to earn a living. Several different programs fund these…