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The Lodge Is located in the south of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, approx 50km south-west of karatu Town. The Lodge is composed of 10 comfortable luxury tents to accommodate 2guest each, as well as large dining and reception area. 

Where is the Ngorongoro Conservation Area?
The Ngorongoro Conservation Area spans vast expanses of highland plains, savanna, savanna woodlands, and forests. Established in 1959 as a multiple land use area, with wildlife coexisting with semi-nomadic Maasai pastoralists practicing traditional livestock grazing, it includes the spectacular Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s largest caldera. The property has global importance for biodiversity conservation due to the presence of globally threatened species, the density of wildlife inhabiting the area, and the annual migration of wildebeest, zebra, gazelles and other animals into the northern plains. Extensive archaeological research has also yielded a long sequence of evidence of human evolution and human-environment dynamics, including early hominid footprints dating back 3.6 million years.

 • Unique birdlife
 • All the members of 'The Big Five' 
• Wildlife and wilderness talks nightly
 • Maasai dance and cultural displays 
• Action-packed game drives and safari programme 
• A ringside seat at the annual Ngorongoro migration of the wildebeest and Zebras 

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

TOTO Africans Academy F.C 2018

TOTO Africans Academy Football club Has been granted full football kit by Debra Bibb, Brent Hodge and their families and friends from America (USA). TOTO Africans Academy F.C is found in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Tanzania East Africa and monitored by Zara Charity Tanzania.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Clean Up Day - Moshi Kilimanjaro

Kampuni ya utalii Zara Tours imeshiriki zoezi la Kufanya usafi mkoani Kilimanjaro, ukiwa ni mwendelezo wa mkakati wake wa pamoja na taasisi ya Mount Kilimanjaro Porters Society MKPS, TESO, Zara Charity Tanzania Pamoja na Mkuu Wa Mkoa Wa Kilimanjaro na wadau wengine, kufanya usafi mkoani Kilimanjaro, katika kuadhimisha Wiki ya Usafi Duniani 2018. Zoezi la usafi ikiwa ni sehemu ya maadhimisho ya wiki ya usafi Duniani limeongozwa na Mkuu wa Mkoa, Mheshimiwa Anna Mghwira Ambae alisema kuwa jukumu la usafi wa mazingira ni la kila mmoja na kupongeza kampuni ya Zara Tours na wadau wake kwa jitihada wanazofanya kulipa kipaumbele suala la kutunza mazingira.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Ngorongoro Maasai Pre-school Solar Project


Zara Charity is a strong believer of education for empowerment. The Charity has built a school where children under seven years of age are educated free of charge. The Charity runs the facility with 95 kids, all from the Maasai nomadic pastoralists, The School is the only source of primary education in the area.
Unlike most rural Tanzanian schools where children attend school with no electricity which is a great limitation on their education Zara Charity has tried to facilitate sustainable lighting solutions for its facilities. However, following an expansion and the need for renovation, it needs help to achieve some of its lighting targets for the schools
New panels and new batteries will be used for Isirwa campus for the classroom (reading and also at the kitchen) and new batteries are needed at Enduleni campus(boarding campus) following a malfunction with the old batteries.
Our target is USD 4000.
We would be delighted if you joined hands with us by contributing towards raising funds for our lighting solutions.
Your contribution will go a long way, greatly improving the level of education for these students, which will give them the essential foundation for a brighter future.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Is Africa on Your Travel List?

 It’s Time to Dream and Plan!!

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 Have you dreamt of bouncing along the African plains in a Jeep Safari? Wishing to behold the elephants, giraffes, birds and predator cats in the wild? Want to explore the culture in an African Village, and behold the beauty only Africa has to offer?
Imagine a once in a lifetime Gorilla and Chimpanzee trekking expedition, a wildebeest migration, or seeing the sun set over the Serengeti grassland from a hot-air balloon. The tours are designed to meet expectations of every type of traveler- from adventurous expeditions and hiking to exploring a culture and relaxing on the beach.
Choose to travel in the peak or low seasons for different experiences, as packages include full accommodations, meals, transportation/transfers, English speaking guides, game viewing drives, National Park Entrance fees and more. Your safety is a priority and several measures are in place to ensure your health and comfort. (Ask for specific details as trip packages differ.)

Start by taking a look at what Zara Tours has to offer, including pricing, itineraries, and locations. Ask questions, make a plan and start dreaming about your trip becoming a reality.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Immediate Release About Search and Rescue

Have heard of Search and Rescue Services on Mount Kilimanjaro?
Search and Rescue:
is a new service introduced in Mount Kilimanjaro to ensure your safety while climbing the mountain. Kilimanjaro Search and Rescue offer the best and modern search and rescue services using helicopters that can fly in any weather. Kilimanjaro SAR strives to make Kilimanjaro the safest tourist destination in Africa.
An emergency medical service to ensure your safety while hiking Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru with helicopters that can be deployed within 5 minutes. We ensure a quick response and guarantee your safety regardless of the season.
The helicopter will pick you up from the designated area on the mountain, where the medical team will immediately start an in-flight medical treatment. Upon landing at KIA/Moshi Airport there will be transport, to take you to your hotel. If you require further medical attention upon
landing, you will be taken to a modern private High Altitude Medical clinic ideal for Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).
Kilimanjaro SARaccepts insurance with Evacuation coverage up to 6,000 meters above Sea Level. Please be aware that coverage and eligibility requirements for this benefit differ by policy.
View/Download information about the altitude limits offered by different insurers (153KB PDF provided by Kilimanjaro SAR)
The website linked below showcases 75 different policies and providers that offer Medical Evacuation coverage.
Insurance: It is highly recommended that you have insurance that covers emergency evacuation at 6,000 meters above Sea Level.

(MEDEVAC: Medical Evacuation)

1.   What kind of travel insurance do my clients need for a helicopter evacuation on Mount Kilimanjaro?
-     A travel insurance, which covers Medical Evacuation up to 6,000 Meters, above sea level. It is very important your clients ask the travel insurance companies to include this in their final prices.

2.  Is the same insurance required for evacuation on Mount Meru?
-     Technically no, clients will need MEDEVAC up to 5000m.

3.   What do I do if my client doesn’t have this kind of insurance?
-         Ask the client to contact their Travel Insurance Company in order to purchase an insurance plan that WILL cover MEDEVAC up to 6000m.

4.  Why standard insurance packages do not cover high altitude trekking?
-     There is more risk involved for the insurance company, which means less profit.
-     The risk of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) increases dramatically above 2800 Meters, as do the costs of emergency medical services and evacuation.

5.   Is it possible for Kilimanjaro SAR to evacuate a client without a proper insurance?
-         Yes, it’s possible. Since we are committed to saving the lives of all climbers. In case you or clients lack a proper insurance, you/they will have to pay for evacuation costs after they are fully recovered.

6.   Can Kilimanjaro SAR help my client to issue a proper insurance?
-         No, it is very simple to purchase this insurance online or over the phone in any country – even from Tanzania. However, as time goes on we will recommend the best insurers.

7.   Do I have to submit my client’s document prior to hiking?
-         Yes, the client must submit insurance detail; confirm to have an insurance plan that will cover MEDEVAC up to 6000m. At least 2 days before climbing. The sooner the better --- even a month early.

8.   What kind of insurance is required for evacuation within national parks and game reserves?
-         Any travel insurer that lists medical evacuation (altitude detail is unnecessary).

In line with Search and Rescue we also offer:
Hero Flights: A Hero Flight is an extremely fast, unique and hassle-free way to end your epic adventure after conquering Africa’s highest peak. A helicopter flight from Mt. Kilimanjaro to KIA/Moshi Airport will turn your 2-day hiking descent into a helicopter flight that takes less than an hour. Reward yourself with more time to relax and a chance to explore more of Tanzania's natural wonders.
Mount Kilimanjaro Helicopter Scenic Tour: Get a magnificent “birds-eye” view of nature in an exclusive and luxurious scenic helicopter flight. This exciting journey takes you from Moshi/KIA airport. You can witness a breathtaking view of the glacier flow on majestic Mount Kilimanjaro or fly high over the famous Serengeti and its abundance of wildlife. Appreciate the beauty of Lake Natron, a soda lake filled with thousands of flamingos, at the base of the active OlDoinyoLengai volcano. Contact us to arrange your scenic helicopter flight.


ZARA TOURS, founded in 1987, is Tanzania’s unrivaled No. 1 Kilimanjaro trekking company and one of the largest safari operators in the region. ZARA TOURS organizes full-service travel experiences in Tanzania; delivering various choices of safaris, climbs of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, and expeditions in Zanzibar. The outfit owns and operates two hotels, two lodges, and four tented-camps in the northern circuit of Tanzania. ZARA TOURS provides airport transfer, city-to-city transfer, VIP and regular tour services to groups and corporations from all over the world while offering additional experiences in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. The company owns 102 4×4 Land Rovers, 4×4 minibuses, and 4×4 Land Cruisers (all equipped with viewing roofs). The company’s 88 registered Kilimanjaro tour guides speak English, German, French, and Spanish. ZARA TOURS also runs ZARA Charity, which plays a vital role in the local community by supporting vulnerable groups such as orphans, the Maasai Women’s Group, and more.

ZARA TANZANIA ADVENTURE | P.O.BOX 1990 MOSHI | +255 754 451 000 | |

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Friends Together does it Again!!!!

Earlier this July 2018, friends together an American global based NGO visited Tanzania and did some relief work in Moshi, Arusha and delivered supplies to Zara Charity’s Maasai women project and schools. In efforts to advance access to sanitation, they gave reusable pads to Maasai women amongst other supplies. They also gave rechargeable solar torches to children in the Ngorongoro through Zara Charity.

Friends Together began in 1999 as the vision of Cathy Robinson Pickett and Steve Pickett, in their dream of building a better future by meeting families’ needs for HIV/AIDS advocacy and awareness. Zara Charity and Friends together an impactful partnership currently marks 8 years.
Zara Charity is happy to celebrate Friends together and its impactful work. Over the years both organizations have been resourceful in advancing each other’s mission. Zara Charity currently supports Mount Kilimanjaro porters society, Ngorongoro marathon project, Kilimanjaro orphanage center, Maasai women group and has recently set up a foundation to address climate change and biodiversity conservation in efforts to preserve ecosystems along the Indian Ocean Coastline.

Help us to help them.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Zara Tanzania Adventures continues to blaze the trail as East Africa’s leading Mt. Kilimanjaro Outfitter and Safari Company. Zara Organized a three day First Aid course for 50 Mountain guides that was concluded on Thursday 23 May 2018. In efforts to provide a safer and more sustainable Mt. Kilimanjaro trek for clients globally. As pro-sustainability organization, Zara believes in taking responsibility for the well being of its clients, the environment and the community at large.
During the certification ceremony which was preceded by a remarkable tree planting ceremony in the Kilimanjaro National Park forest Mrs Zainab Ansell explained;

“The reason for facilitating this training is simple; It saves lives. First aid training will provide our Mountain guides with the confidence and capability to react immediately to any incident, injury or illness.
In the event of any unforeseen medical emergency. When properly trained, a guide can administer basic medical treatment or CPR (as needed). Research proves that CPR aid provided during critical and life-threatening accidents, injuries or health complications saves lives.

Considering the high altitudes of the mountain, it is only responsible to ensure that our team is proactive and professional in any given circumstances. While first aid kits will have what is needed, being trained to administer first aid enables the team to know and understand exactly how to respond to a medical emergency and also to know exactly what should be in the first aid kit.
Mt. Kilimanjaro is Africa’s leading tourist attraction, being the highest point in Africa, and the highest free-standing mountain in the world. This training provides an added advantage to future trekkers. Being able to administer life-saving medical treatments allows both the team and the clients to stay calm and confident during an emergency and buy time until first responders arrive.”