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Immediate Release About Search and Rescue

Have heard of Search and Rescue Services on Mount Kilimanjaro?

Search and Rescue: is a new service introduced in Mount Kilimanjaro to ensure your safety while climbing the mountain. Kilimanjaro Search and Rescue offer the best and modern search and rescue services using helicopters that can fly in any weather. Kilimanjaro SAR strives to make Kilimanjaro the safest tourist destination in Africa. An emergency medical service to ensure your safety while hiking Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru with helicopters that can be deployed within 5 minutes. We ensure a quick response and guarantee your safety regardless of the season. The helicopter will pick you up from the designated area on the mountain, where the medical team will immediately start an in-flight medical treatment. Upon landing at KIA/Moshi Airport there will be transport, to take you to your hotel. If you require further medical attention upon landing, you will be taken to a modern private High Altitude Medical clinic ideal for Acu…
Friends Together does it Again!!!!

Earlier this July 2018, friends together an American global based NGO visited Tanzania and did some relief work in Moshi, Arusha and delivered supplies to Zara Charity’s Maasai women project and schools. In efforts to advance access to sanitation, they gave reusable pads to Maasai women amongst other supplies. They also gave rechargeable solar torches to children in the Ngorongoro through Zara Charity.
Friends Together began in 1999 as the vision of Cathy Robinson Pickett and Steve Pickett, in their dream of building a better future by meeting families’ needs for HIV/AIDS advocacy and awareness. Zara Charity and Friends together an impactful partnership currently marks 8 years.
Zara Charity is happy to celebrate Friends together and its impactful work. Over the years both organizations have been resourceful in advancing each other’s mission. Zara Charity currently supports Mount Kilimanjaro porters society, Ngorongoro marathon project, Kilimanjaro orp…

Zara Tours Through Zara Charity Provided new kits ( Clothes) to Our Porters to ensure their safety on Mt Kilimanjaro