Friday, October 23, 2015


“MT Kilimanjaro climbing is a tough task. For one to trek this snow peaked highest mountain in Africa, one has to be physically fit and forbearing. But it is so wonderful when one manages to climb the mountain up to its highest point-the Uhuru Peak (5,895 meters above the sea level),” says Anne Lorimor-85 years old grandma, Arizona native in the United States of America (USA) who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to its’ highest peak for the cause!
The grandma is not a sailor. But still she have a right to shout: “Hurrah!” because she managed to reach the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro representing a cause for the oldest people worldwide.

Speaking with the Guardian on Saturday in an exclusive interview this week, Anne explained that, the core aim of the expedition entitled ‘Kili Climb-Challenge Youth Fund (CYF)’ is to raise some funds aiming at helping disadvantaged kids become all that they can be. According to her, she wants them to know their options and be given the hand up they deserve.
As Anne recalls, it was around 07:30 a.m. on July 12, 2015 after a breathtaking 02 and half hour slow walk from Stellar Point that she managed to reach Uhuru Peak, 5,895 meters above sea level. “For some seconds I totally forgot that there were some other people coming along with me, then after some 15 minutes I saw them coming towards me in a second group and it downed on me that they have made it. We all made!”
She recollected that was the culmination of ‘our eight day Mt. Kilimanjaro climb’ through the toughest Rongai Route that to her still seems like a dream. “Reaching Uhuru Peak was a dream come true but the actual climb is a long episode that one need to grow old first to forget,” she noted “I do like the challenge, that’s why I came to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro though I’m old and I very much appreciate myself that I made it to the Uhuru Peak with the ‘great assistance’ from Wilbard Peter Mrima a professional mountain tour Guide with ZARA TANZANIA ADVENTURES..” Ms. Lorimor explained.
According to Ms. Lorimor, she dreamed to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro for a long time because since she was young she used to read in various outlets on the ‘majesty’ of the free standing mountain in Africa – Mt. Kilimanjaro that’s why she decided to climb it this year to prove to the World that ‘Anything is Possible if you like’ and age is just a number!
Explaining her experience on mountain hiking, Ms. Lorimor explains; “In the US I do climb some hills around my neighborhood, and I do remember in 1964 I climbed the Great Pyramids in Egypt. I thank God that I made it to Uhuru Peak after a good assistance from Wilbard Peter Mrima from the ZARA Tanzania Adventures who was very patient with me. He assisted me very much to fulfill my dream, and next year if God wishes I will come to scale again the highest Peak of Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro…” the old woman explained with tears of joy rolling down her cheeks.


The Director of Zara Tours & Zara Properties is Proud to announce that the Ngorongoro wild camp in Ngorongoro, Tanzania received a certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor recently. This prestigious award is given to businesses worldwide that consistently earn high ratings from TripAdvisor travelers. It places Ngorongoro wild camp in the top-performing of all tourist businesses around the world on TripAdvisor in 2015.
Ms. Leila Ansell, Zara Properties general manager said, “We are very honored to receive this recognition. It means a lot to us especially because Trip Advisor is one of the most reputable sources of tourism and hotel information for global travelers. This goes to show that Ngorongoro wild camp has earned its place among the leading wild camps in Ngorongoro Conservation area. Our clients have always been at the core of our operations as we thrive to ensure that their experiences in Ngorongoro are beyond memorable.”
“Winning the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence is a true source of pride for the entire team at Zara Properties and we’d like to thank all of our past guests who took the time to complete a review on Trip Advisor,” said by Zainab Ansell, The Director of Zara Tours and Zara Properties. She then adds “There is no greater seal of approval than being recognized by one’s customers. With the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence based on customer reviews, the accolade is a remarkable vote of confidence to our business and our continued commitment to excellence.”
Trip Advisor is the world’s largest online travel site that enables travelers to plan and have perfect trips. It offers trusted advice from real travelers about a variety of travel choices, itineraries, accommodations and travel experiences. Trip Advisor branded sites make up the largest travel community in the world, with more than 200 million unique monthly visitors, and over 100 million reviews and opinions. The site operates worldwide.

Opened in 2012 Ngorongoro wild camp is located in Isirwa area within the Ngorongoro Conservation area, on the beautiful view of ‪Lake‬ Eyasi. It gives visitors an opportunity to witness the Ngorongoro Ecosystem, while enjoying the stunning view over the surrounding savannah, which is full of wildlife throughout the year. The Ngorongoro wild camp is composed of 20 comfortable luxury tents and 6cottages to accommodate 2 guests each, as well as large dining and reception area.
The Camp is owned and operated by ‪ZARA‬ Tanzania Adventures, a travel agency and tour operator based in Moshi Tanzania.

Mrs. Zainab Ansell, a sustainable tourism advocate from ‪Moshi‬/Tanzania, founded the business in 1987. They now boast not only a successful tour operation and travel agency but also 6 properties in the ‪Northerncircuit‬ including Springland Hotel in Moshi, High View Hotel in ‪Karatu‬, Serengeti Wild Camp (in Serengeti national park – Seronera area), ‪Serengeti‬ wildebeest camp (in central Serengeti), Ikoma Wild Camp (in Serengeti National park) and Ngorongoro Wild Camp (in Ngorongoro Crater).

ZARA Tanzania Adventures has won a couple of awards in recent years including the 2012 global World Trade Market (WTM) Humanitarian Award in London for practicing sustainable tourism under its foundation Zara Charity, and Mrs. Ansell was awarded the business entrepreneur award under Tanzania Women of Achievement for running a successful Tour Operating Company in 2012; Zara ‪Charity‬ received the ‪Ngorongoro‬ Marathon Award for organizing a successful race to fight ‪Malaria‬ in 2012;
Others include:
2015 – Traveler’s Eye Presents Sustainable Business Award honoring Zara Tanzania Adventures on its outstanding contribution in Conservation, community Development and Capacity Building Achievement – Tourism for future Africa Awards – 2015.