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Ngorongoro Wild Camp


Ngorongoro Wild Camp

Welcome to the Ngorongoro Wildcamp, enjoy a breathtaking view of the salt water Lake Eyasi from your private balcony veranda situated within the astonishingly scenic and dramatic range of volcanic mountains that straddle the rift valley escarpment known as the Ngorongoro Highlands.Enjoy a lifetime of wonderment as you watch wildlife like elephants roaming past the campsite, hear the lions roar nearby, view the migrating flamingoes, storks, and other birds and enjoy other magical sounds as they reverberate off the famous Ngorongoro crater.

Zara Tours newest and fifth Tanzanian Adventure property, located in Northern Tanzania, East Africa, is an 83 Kilometer scenic drive away from the main road leading from the town of Karatu and Highview Hotel.The main highlight of thisproperty is perhaps that it is nestled in-land within the most remarkable natural wonder in all of Africa - the Ngorongoro crater often referred to as ‘Africa’s Eden’ or the 8th Natural Wonder of the World where virtually…

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