Thursday, November 7, 2013

Assertive Zainab Ansell uses tourism to create better people's livelihood

The Global Report on Women in Tourism (GRWT) a joint with United Nations World Tourism Organizations (UNWTO) has in several years ago marking a new era for tackling gender issues in the tourism sector.

It provides detailed statistical information on women’s role and status in the tourism industry, offering recommendations on how to improve the current situation. UNWTO and UN women believe that tourism can be a vehicle for promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment. Yet, much work needs to be done in order for this potential to be realized.

One of the Great Female entrepreneurs, Ms. Zainab Ansell who run today, proudly, one of the biggest tourism companies in Tanzania called, ZARA Tours Company (ZARA Tanzania Adventures) was among the three women who attended UNWTO event held in London, United Kingdom (UK) recently. 

The event debated among other issues, tourism’s potential for promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment while at the same time examining current challenges and gaps to gender equality in the sector. Other invited panelists were; Ms. Liz Cramer Campos, the National Secretary of Tourism, Paraguay, who was represented government, and Ms. Angela Hajipateras, the member of the Foundation for the Development of Zambezia, Mozambique who was representative of Civil Society.

Ms. Zainab Ansell, shed more light with the ‘The Guardian’ advising that; ‘Women should not have to justify why they want to open a business and not stay at home, societies and families need to understand that this will benefit its communities, and finally eradicate poverty.’ Read More

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