Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Maasai community has one of the highest illiteracy and lowest school enrollment rates in East Africa, primarily due to lack of enough schools and pastoral life adaptations which prevents many children from receiving an education. We strongly believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty that plagues their communities and can create a better future for children and their families. That is why we started to promote education in Ngorongoro Conservation Area among Maasai adaptations by building a Pre-school where by 96 children are currently registered on our two maasai pre-schools thats (enduleni and Isirwa pre schools) and with it an opportunity to sponsor a child as he or she begins an education journey that will prepare him or her for future success.

Zara Charity is proud to have played a vital role in bringing education to pre-school aged children of Ngorongoro. 

Here, children are given meals, learn basic skills and Swahili, and be exposed to a classroom environment. With this foundation, they will be better prepared for Primary School and will stay in school longer and do better. Pre-primary school opportunities also help to encourage families to be more supportive of formal education. Ngorongoro pre-school offers the hope of education to Maasai children, who face many challenges to education. Some do not live close enough to school to attend, while others are too poor to afford it. The opening of Ngorongoro pre-school offers quality education to a new generation of Maasai children.

To sponsor a student in Pre-school (elementary education) through High School, the cost of one full year is $850 (that is just $2.3/day!) and you may choose to pay this on a monthly basis at $70/month. You also have the option to co-sponsor a student for $425/year or $35/month. Through the profound investment of an education, you can transform a child’s life and enable them to have a brighter future. We hope that you consider supporting Maasai children through ZARA Charity.

Only 1% of funds is expected from the parents, while the remainder needed for the students is raised with the help of sponsors. You can also help fund this program by assisting with operational costs such as school supplies. Learn more about the children you will be helping and don’t hesitate to contact Zara Charity for further details (

ZARA Charity being part of ZARA tours sustainable tourism plan believes education can be the best approach in transforming Maasai communities of which part of the company business is to interact with their culture. We focus on building a support system for children by constructing better facility for them to stay and learn, ensuring access to safe and healthy learning environments, strengthening teaching quality, and providing scholarships.

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